Hello, I am Christopher the director of Sophesc Ltd.

In (2014) I had a diabetes health scare. I was twelve stone, working nights ( seven hours a day, thirty five to forty two hours a week), my diet was extremely poor, and I barely made the effort to do basic exercises. I was experiencing all the symptoms of diabetes in its early stages. My GP wanted to prescribe me pharmaceutical tablets to control the diabetes, but the thought of being on these tablets for the rest of my life scared me.


I found the inner strength to pull myself out of my near diabetic state of ill health and have been a vegan and a promoter for health and vitality ever since. The journey was not easy. With all the temptation around it was a struggle, but with hard work and determination I achieved my goal of being diabetes free. Each and every one of us has it in our grasp, if we so desire, to become health conscious and overcome challenges you might be faced with.


We are a fledgling business who started trading towards the middle of 2019, originally as a limited company. We are interested in finding items that are not necessarily sold by most retailers and to showcase new quality brands.


As a child I knew how to source items at the best and affordable prices when no one else could. I was also quick in doing so. With an acquired skill set, I have researched and sourced the most relevant supplements that you require to live a healthy lifestyle for beginners to advance individuals.


Through my health journey Sophesc was formed and I am dedicated to bringing essential minerals and vitamins to customers at reasonable prices. We aim to provide quality customer service, and to make shopping online stress-free and customer friendly. The business aims to specialise in health supplements for adults, children and pets. We also sell items that aid relaxation and promote a healthier life style.

We are driven by customer feedback. It is important for us to know and listen to our customers and value all forms of feedback, which we will take into consideration whilst growing our business. We put the hard work into sourcing those everyday products at affordable prices so you do not have to.


We are a business that specialises in health supplements for adults, children and pets, along with items that aid relaxation and promote a healthier lifestyle. These items are provided to the public on various internet platforms and also for purchase via this website. We research items that customers are buying and also items that they may be interested in.


We are still growing and will continue to research products with a view to supplying items in other product categories.