Detox is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Naturally, detoxification is done by the liver. But when the liver is not functioning in the right way, the other medical procedures are given to detoxify the liver. Even, nowadays, people are having detox water or the detox diet that removes the harmful particles from the body. Detoxification can be of three types, the alcohol detoxification, the drug detoxification and the metabolic detoxification. Common ways to detox the body are limiting the intake of alcohol, have adequate sleep, drink enough water. Life stress-free, reduce the intake of sugar and processed food and exercise. Some of the natural ways of fasting involve resting the organs through fasting, refuelling the body with the intake of healthy nutrients, stimulating the liver to drive the toxins, improving blood circulation and promoting the elimination of toxins from kidneys and skin. Detoxification can reduce symptoms like bloating, allergies, irritated skin, sluggish elimination, menstrual problems and many more.

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